this is all i do all day.
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so heres the deal:
no one here updates or anything, and i want an active community goddammit!!
so this is what i am going to do... the following list will be keepers, everyone else is banished if you will from this community.
if you would still like to be a part of this community and promise to be active... then you will be added back.


could the above also post 150 x 200 picture of themselves for the members page? kthx
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sry loves.


i just really dont have time with school and work and my community and myspace and xanga and on and on and on.

if i ever have the time again, i'll reapply.
very very sorry.


i cant put lyrics on my shizzle, so here's to you.

k guys, i got high speed. You pumped?

This is a tattoo i got at the little neighborhood ferstval ish thing. All the kids were jealous.

his name's dinosour. he's a wee bit anorexic, also.


i thought you might all want to see my emo kid shirt i got for ten dollars. its edward scissorhands, and i love it.


 emo kid pose, i know.

a straw and me.


my david bowie shirt, and blankie?

and one of my dear girls, ashlynnn.


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basically, it takes forever and a day to upload everything for the community, because of my so-amazingly-slow-its-unbelivable-internet-connection. Never fear, guys, im getting high speed next week, just checking up to say that im not being an inactive stupid face.